In his own words

A filmmaker based out of Mumbai, capturing images and telling stories is my passion.  Be it through cinemagraphs, photographs, ad films, short films, brand narratives, animation or a feature film, I regale in the thrill of visual storytelling.  Hailing from Kolkata, extremely passionate about World Cinema, I believe in the power of cinema to entertain, educate and connect with the audience at a much deeper level, to leave an indelible impression and to pass the test of time.  

I am always eager to ask questions through my work that are not being asked in the mainstream media. Heritage, culture and gender being keen areas of my interest I have produced and directed films on these themes under my production house Yaanus Films.

Photography being my passion, I regularly contribute articles and pictures to India’s premium award winning cultural magazine Maharashtra Unlimited & Heritage India.

- Interview-

Q. Yaanus films. Is there a story behind the name of your film production company?

A. Remember the Roman God Janus? With his two heads looking at both ends he is no ordinary God in mythology. He had his unique vision of looking at both past and future, and having wisdom like no one else. He is considered to the God of beginnings and transitions, symbolizing progress from past to future – from one vision to another! Well ‘Yaanus’ is his Sanskrit name and pretty much encapsulates our philosophy as filmmakers and photographers. For us every project is a new leap into the ocean of creativity – a progress from our past experiences and learning towards an exciting future into the unchartered territories with an all-inclusive vision that is clutter breaking and stands the test of time.

Q. I love this guy. Was he a present? Where did you get him?

A. Oh I also adore him. Nope he isn’t a present. The moment I had spotted him at a roadside store I visualized a nice cinemagraph and bought him.

Q. This gentleman seems to be working on something. What’s he doing?

A. There is a particular type of Indian chicken dish that requires a particular type of knife. The knife is very costly and the sharpness diminishes just after a days work. So this guy has custom made this cycle with the help of which he is sharpening the knife. 


Q. Can you remember the earliest moment in your life when you knew filmmaking would be your life’s work?

A. Yes, very vividly. When I used to watch the Sunday movies telecasted on television sitting with my grand-mom.

Q. There is someone out there in the world right now reading this interview that you will likely never meet. What personal message would you like to communicate with them before they go about their day, and life?

A. Very quietly and untiringly, time is always passing. Lets make use of the most of it.