Smoking Circus portrait photography by Bartholot

Visual Artist & Disk Jockey 

- Bio & Interview Coming Soon -

Motion Hara Katsiki. Photography Joie Iacono


A showcase of the vision of the future of our urban life, 

or the city as an ever changing organism.


Taking different elements of our life in the city of the future and visualizing them in the form of animated GIFs. This old and technically out-dated file format adds the dimension of time to the still image. A captured moment becomes an animate imprint of time.

To create means everything to me. It’s who I am.
It comes through me like energy coming through the earth up into a tree.
It’s freedom, expression, emotion, communication, joy, love, passion, and power.
So It comes from my heart and spirit, hopefully to be received by your heart and spirit
— Hara Katsiki
Motion by Hara Katsiki
Les Saltimbanques photographed by Bartholot