Cinemagraphs. Photography. Digital Photography.

In the chase of small, silent moments of living I fell in love with photography.

I want my style to be subtle and metaphoric, a mesh of the simplest preciousness of the human body with the infinite universe of the mind.

My work has been recognized and featured by online magazines and blogs such as Cat In Water, Practical Photography, Mehron blog, Designskilz, FGIdeas, NaldzGraphics, PHlearn, The Magnified Life, Total Photoshop and others. I'm also proud to have my photograph present AdobeMax creative conference october 2014 and be a part of the Adobe Creative Cloud Mosaic collaborative project.

доброе утро :)


Cinemagraphs are a way to catch those precious seconds of life when you wish to stop time and enjoy wind playing in your hair, dust sparkling in the sun, smoke from last night’s festive fire. All that fades so quickly you might miss it in a blink of an eye. A little more than photography, still, rare. I find it romantic.
— Daria