Why go with Come Alive Images?

1. We're high-end, Rights Managed

Rights Managed is the high-end of the marketplace where customers pay based on company size, the industry they are in, what they intend to use the image for and for how long. Other stock photo companies allow anyone (even large companies) to pay one or two low prices, then do essentially whatever they want with the images forever. 

2. Lots of people marketing your images

We license Images directly, and also through a network of premium stock photo companies in 25+ countries including Germany, Japan, US, China, Spain, Mexico, Sweden and many more.

3. Experience

Come Alive Image's Co-founder Jerry Tavin has been in the stock business longer than most of our artists have been alive. Having him in your corner for advise and council is invaluable for artists building their brand. Also, Glasshouse Images, our sister agency has experienced and professional stock photo experts who carefully review and clear all images for stock licensing. 

4. Term and technology agnostic

We promote short looping images and the artists who make them, in all their styles. If your images are short, loop and are interesting we don't care how you made it, or what you call it because 9/10 of our customers (and people on the planet) call them all Gifs.  

We also market and license images in either Movie file, or .Gif. Our goal is that the images autoplay, but its ultimately up to the customer to decide how best to do that. 

5. Personal Touch

We invest time with each artist to help build their brand, educate them on how the stock image industry works, what's required by both parties to license work, preferred subjects to shoot, submission guidelines, help with contracts, you name it. 

6. In it for the long haul

We invented the stock Gif marketplace along with our artists in 2015, and have resisted the temptation to give images away the way many big stock agencies and software companies do with still photos.

7. Got Your back

Come Alive Images, along with our legal partners identify image infringers (people using your work without a license) and pursues retroactive licenses on our artist's behalf.  

Get Started

Send a us a note and we'll review your portfolio and send you the documents you will need to get started. 

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