Come Alive Images is dedicated to the commercial potential of original motion images

Rights Managed. World-wide.  

Exceptionally-crafted moving images are not ubiquitous like photography or video and, in our opinion should be offered in a Rights Managed environment to serve more discerning stock image consumers who are willing to pay a premium for images which are more more unique, and not necessarily everywhere

We license  GIFs directly Rights managed, and worldwide through our network of premium Rights Managed stock image companies in 25+ countries.


Come Alive Images represents over 90+ of the top Gif & Cinemagraph artists worldwide. Brands work with Come Alive Images because we are in a unique position to marry talent to assignment based on budget, geographic location, artist capability and creative possibilities. Gifs, stock and custom, are all we sell. 

Experienced & Innovative People.

Jerry Tavin. The Man with the green sneakers. 

Jerry Tavin is known worldwide as a stock photo expert for his success in the stock image business, never compromising on quality and ethics and most notably for his green sneakers.  His enthusiasm for photography, advocacy for photographers and his entrepreneurial spirit are unmatched in this industry. 

In 1994 Jerry co-founded nonstock, a high-end worldwide photography collection highly respected for its unique, cutting edge and compelling imagery.  The business was subsequently acquired.   

Today, Jerry is President of Young Photographer Alliance (YPA), a non-profit foundation whose mission is to sustain the careers of emerging photographers.  Jerry was given The Picture Professional Award of the Year for 2008 by the ASPP (the American Society of Pictures Professionals).  Jerry is currently co-president of Glasshouse Images.     

Joe Panker. Idea guy. 

Joe's vision of a stock GIF & Cinemagraph marketplace was born out of need  - a desire to license Gifs & Cinemagraphs in his Agency life and the challenges associated with identifying the right images on the Web, connecting with artists and negotiating licensing parameters. 

Walking his dogs in Bellport Village, Joe met Jerry and the two set the wheels for Come Alive Images and a stock Gif/Cinemagraph marketplace  in motion. 


Dedicated to a difference, Glasshouse Images is a specialized stock photo and representation agency in Manhattan catering to creatives looking for exceptional and distinctive imagery with a clear commercial spark. Offering stock GIFs is a natural extension of the Glasshouse Image's brand, providing discerning clients with exceptional imagery, and artists with ethical representation for worldwide licensing.